* FY15 Red Jacket Society Members (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015)

Platinum ($100,000+)

Anonymous (2)

The Alter Family

Vera R. Campbell Foundation

Jeri and John Cerullo

Crown Family Philanthropies

The Edgerley Family Foundation

Kanas Family

The La Vida Feliz Foundation

Eugune and Emily Grant Family Foundation

Hauptman Family Foundation

The Horning Family Fund

Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine


The Lovett-Woodsum Foundation

Carrie and John Morgridge

Ortega Foundation

Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation

The Jennifer and Sean Reilly Family Fund of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation

Rosenthal Family Foundation

The Share Fund

Aaron Sosnick

Ben Walton

Link Wilson

Gold ($50,000 - $99,999)

Abt Family Charitable Foundation

Tera Blanca and Javier Juncadella

Chris Canavan and Colleen Foster

Jean and Stephen Case

The Crown Goodman Family

Becky and Mike Goss

Anne and John Herrmann


Himan Brown Charitable Trust

The Kaplen Brothers Fund

The Neithercut Family

Diana Davis Spencer

Sandra and Anthony Tamer

The Ware Foundation

Elaine and Alan Weiler

Silver ($25,000 - $49,999)

Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

Brenda and Rich Battista

David Caplan

Bertram and Barbara Cohn

The Thomas and Patricia Cornish Family Foundation

Ryan Cotton

Crown Family Philanthropies

Elizabeth and Kent Dauten

Theresa and Christopher Dolloff

The Fernandez Pave the Way Foundation

Mary and Paul Finnegan

Laura Fox and Ben Van de Bunt

Jeffrey Gates and Michael Moran


Joan and John Hotchkis

Donna and Casey Keller

Anna Kovner and Seth Meisel

Carolyn and Jeffrey Leonard

Lisa and Robert Markey

Brad and Cori Meltzer Charitable Trust

Shyamli Milam

James N. Perry, Jr. and Mary Perry

Deborah and Stephen Quazzo

Karen and Ben Sherwood

Stacey Snider and Gary Jones

Nancy and Arn Tellem

Deborah and Michael Walsh

Bronze ($10,000 - $24,999)

Anonymous (2)

Ewa and Daniel Abraham

Pennie and Gary Abramson

Iris and Richard Abrons

Jeannie Affelder and Jeffrey Weissglass

Andreeff Family Foundation

Sarah Ball Mason

Willow Bay and Robert Iger

Bruce and Teresa Beasley

Max and Dale Berger

Susan Berger

Andi and Tom Bernstein

Stephen Bing

Marsha and Steven Birchard

Marlene Canter and Family

Megan and Peter Chernin

Gary Clare

Courtney Clark Pastrick and Scott Pastrick

Tammy and Evan Cohen

Juan Correa

Jim Dolphin

Brad and Nancy Drummond

The Gloria Estefan Foundation

Finnegan Family Foundation

Simon Fuller

Mark and Jody Furlong

Kate and John Gilligan

Dit and Mark Goldberg

Ben Goldhirsh and Claire Hoffman

Goldring Family Foundation

Jennifer Granholm and Daniel Mulhern

Mindy and Jonathan Gray

Robert Greenblatt

Ann and Doug Grissom

Lisa and Glenn Gritzner

Jason Grosfeld

Sandy Grossman

The Thomas and Christina Grusecki Foundation

Teresa Cooper and Jay Hamilton

Suzanne and David Hamm

Matthew Harris

Claire and Brad Hathaway

Terence Hayes

D'Juan Hernandez

Regina and Joseph Hitchery

Roger and Stephanie Hochschild

Lynne and Joe Horning

Jill and Ken Iscol

Nancy Jacobson and Mark Penn

Lindy and Mike Keiser

Amie Knox and Jim Kelley

David Kenney

Mojdeh Khaghan and Robert Danial

Chris Kiple


Arlene and Robert Kogod

Kim Koopersmith and Bill Borner

Holly and Steve Kreidler

Niccole and Jeremy Kroll

Lynn and Jules Kroll

Charles Lamar Family Foundation

Diana and Tom Lewis

Donna and Jack Little

Sue and Mike Lock

Shelly London and Larry Kanter

Roy March

Katie McGrath and JJ Abrams

Dianne McKeever and Shreyas Gupta

Ashley and Marc Merrill

The Mesdag Family Foundation

Lowell Milken Foundation

Sarah and Jeremy Milken

Matthew Miller

Heather Monahan

Stephanie B. Mudick

Neyeska Mut

Linda and Dennis Myers

Jon Neuhaus

Meghan and Matthew Norton

Shawn O'Connor

James O'Donnell

Marsha and Alan Paller

Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation

Winifred and Kevin P. Reilly, Jr.

Dani Reiss

Ressler Family Foundation

J. Christopher and Anne Reyes

Judd Rosen

Gwenn and David Rosener

E. John Rosenwald

Florence and Alan Salisbury

Lesa Scott and Philip Jackson

Sylvia and Howard Shore

Shannon and Vincent Signorello

Gerald Silk

Nora and Jeffrey Smith

Martha and Gary Solomon

Fred and Winnie Spar

Kerri St. Jean

Dale Stafford

Dorothy Sumption

Gordon Trafton

Glen and Trish Tullman Family Foundation

Teresa Van De Bogart

Shoshana and Kevin Vernick

Jennifer and David Weiner

Brook and Kevin Westcott

Jody and Matt Wilhelm

Missy and Mike Young

* The following sites launched the Red Jacket Society program in FY15: Baton Rouge, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New Hampshire, New Orleans, New York and Washington, D.C.