* FY16 Red Jacket Society Members (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016)

Platinum ($100,000+)


The Alter Family

Amy Brakeman

Ed Brakeman

Richard L. Bready

Julie and Kevin Callaghan

Vera R. Campbell

Pamela Lederer and Michael Carmen

Carrie and John Morgridge

Michele and Kevin Casey

Jeri and John Cerullo

Crown Family Philanthropies

The Edgerley Family Foundation

Diane and Neil Exter

The Salah Foundation

The La Vida Feliz Foundation

Hauptman Family Foundation

Anne and John Herrmann

The Horning Family Fund

Lori and Jen-Hsun Huang

George Kaiser Family Foundation

Kanas Family

Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine

The Lovett-Woodsum Foundation

Brad and Cori Meltzer Charitable Trust

Gail and David Mixer

Tashia and John Morgridge

Marion and David Mussafer

Ortega Foundation

Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation

The Jennifer and Sean Reilly Family Fund of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation

Rachel and Mark Rohr

Rosenthal Family Foundation

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Jeffrey Shames

The Share Fund

Mike Sherrill

Diana Davis Spencer

Gordon Trafton

Ben Walton

The Michael Ward Foundation

The Ware Foundation

Suzanne and Tom Werner

Link Wilson

Debbie Zinke

Gold ($50,000 - $99,999)


Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

Ron Conway

The Thomas and Patricia Cornish Family Foundation

Ryan Cotton

Shannon and Tom Fallon

The Goldhirsh Foundation, Inc.

Becky and Mike Goss

The Kaplen Brothers Fund

Kristin and Stephen Mugford

Brooke and Will Muggia

The Neithercut Family

Cindy and Randy Pond

The Reilly Family Foundation

Hannah and Joe Robson

Enrique Salem

Sandra and Anthony Tamer

The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

Laura and Mark Zausmer

Silver ($25,000 - $49,999)

Kristen and Jim Atwood

Anne and John Baker

Brenda and Rich Battista

Tere Blanca and Javier Juncadella

Holly and David Bruce

Sanford and Irene Burnstein Foundation

Chris Canavan and Colleen Foster

Carter Family Charitable Trust

Nancy and Gary Chartrand

David and Rhonda Cohen

Stephanie and John Connaughton

Coretz Family Foundation

Victoria and David Croll

Elizabeth and Kent Dauten

Theresa and Christopher Dolloff

Sally and David Dornaus

DuBow Family Foundation

Cindy and Dan Edelman

Suzanne and Bob Fanch

Finnegan Family Foundation

Cynthia and John Fish

Ellen Fitzsimmons and Greg Rogowski

Joni and Larry Flax

Laura Fox and Ben Van de Bunt

Jeffrey Gates and Michael Moran

Carol and Stephen Geremia

Corkie and Clarence Gooden

Tom Gores

Robert Greenblatt

The Marc Haas Foundation

Diane and Steve Halverson

Alan Hassenfeld

Christa and Jeff Hawkins

Margaret and Robert Hill

Himan Brown Charitable Trust

Margaret and Gary Hirshberg

Melanie and Stephen Hoffmeister

Burt Holmes

Barbara and Amos Hostetter, Jr.

Joan and John Hotchkis

Esther John and Aart de Geus

Beth and Michael Jones

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Karen and Bob Keenan

Mary and Jack Keenan

Donna and Casey Keller

Anna Kovner and Seth Meisel

Lynn and Jules Kroll

Dianne and Bill Ledingham

Carolyn and Jeffrey Leonard

Michael V. Lewis

Lisa Mancini and Peter Whitehouse

Lisa and Robert Markey

Frank Martire

Layni and Lou Mercado

Ashley and Marc Merrill

Shyamli Milam

Matthew Miller

The Palmer Family

Julie and Charles Petersmeyer

Betty and Tom Petway

Deborah and Stephen Quazzo

Karen and Ben Sherwood

Stacey Snider and Gary Jones

Polly and Bobby Stein

Linda and David Stein

Brooke and Hap Stein

Cora Sterling

Nancy and Arn Tellem

Suzanne and Andrew Viens

Deborah and Michael Walsh

Delores Barr Weaver and J. Wayne Weaver

Missy and Mike Young


Bronze ($10,000 - $24,999)

Anonymous (5)

Ewa and Daniel Abraham

Pennie and Gary Abramson

Robyn and Todd Achilles

Jeannie Affelder and Jeffrey Weissglass

Andreeff Foundation

The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation

Margaret and Dewey Awad

The John W. Barton Family Foundation

Willow Bay and Robert Iger

Susan Bazett and Rom Watson

Susan Berger

Andi and Tom Bernstein

Marina Berti and Stephen Prough

Marsha and Steven Birchard

Tricia Black and Patrick Brogan

Janice and Arthur Block

Rachael Bradley

Katherine and David Bradley

Lisa and Michael Bronner

Denise and Brad Brubaker

Diane Buhl and Mark Polebaum

Bill Calvert

Marlene Canter and Family

Tina and Bill Carr

Elizabeth and Jefferson Case

Karen and Chip Chaikin

Megan and Peter Chernin

Ronnie and Reed Chisholm

Gary Clare

Jenn and Jeffrey Clark

Steven Collins

Teresa Cooper and Jay Hamilton

Juan Correa

Stephen Cucchiaro

Dana and Stuart Davies

Jordana and Jason Davis

Nancy and Brad Drummond

Beth and Gerard du Toit

Alexis and J. Christopher Egan

Holly and Ed Eger

Barbara and Michael Eisenson

The Gloria Estefan Foundation

Alex Fernandez

Tony and Ana Figueroa Cisneros

Lauren and Philip Wm Fisher

Maryanne Flynn and Harry Kline

Charlotte and Charles Fowler

Valerie and Mark Friedman

Simon Fuller

Martha Fuller Clark and Geoffrey Clark

Sonal and Ravin Gandhi

Jennifer and Daniel Gilbert

Kate and John Gilligan

Ann and Robert Gillespie

Emerson Glazer

Anne Globe

Jennifer Glock

Dit and Mark Goldberg

Merle and Stanley Goldstein

The Samuel Goldwyn Foundation

Catalina and Alejandro Gonzalez

Charlie Grant

Beth and Larry Greenberg

Jessica Greenfield and Paul Hummel

Ann and Doug Grissom

Lisa and Glenn Gritzner

Jason Grosfeld

Kara and James Gruver

Thea and Al Guido

Donna and Stephen Hackley

Kelly and Pancho Hall

Suzanne and David Hamm

Bari and Alan Harlam

Wendy Hart and Ronald Schrager

Claire and Brad Hathaway

Donna and Chip Hazard

Anne Helgen and Michael Gilligan

Blair and Jackie Hendrix

D'Juan Hernandez

Julie and Jordan Hitch

Regina and Joseph Hitchery

Chad Holloway

Anne and Jack Holloway

Allison Horne and Peter Riehl

Heather and Lee Hower

Lori and Deke Hunter

Jill and Ken Iscol

Denise and Jamie Jacob

Nancy Jacobson and Mark Penn

Rebecca Jacoby

Avra Jain

Ralph and Janice James

Janice and Jay Jester

Vikas Kamran

Danialle and Peter Karmanos

Lindy and Michael Keiser

Pam and Arthur Kelleher

Cynthia and Charles Kelsey

David Kenney

Mojdeh Khaghan and Robert Danial

Chris Kiple

Mary Beth and Adam Kirsch

Amie Knox and Jim Kelley

Arlene and Robert Kogod

Kim Koopersmith and Bill Borner

Kelly and Dennis Kramer

Holly and Steve Kreidler

Lara and Kyle Krpata

Carlos and Mary Lacasa

Charles Lamar Family Foundation

Cathy and Wright Lassiter

George Lawrence

Lisa and Stephen Lebovitz

Joyce Lee and Gurinder Grewal

Lynn Harris Leshem and Matti Leshem

Diana and Tom Lewis

Susan Littlefield and Martin Roper

Donna and Jack Little

Lisa and Eran Lobel

Sue Lock

Dana Locniskar and Christine Beck

Isabelle and Ian Loring

Ellie and Philip Loughlin

Judy Love

Shana and John Maldonado

Tristin and Marty Mannion

Roy March

Kristin and Paul Marcus

Sarah Ball Mason

Lisa Matthews

Sharon Matthews and Jim Tabasz

Fred Maynard

Sarah Maynard

Josh and Alex McCall

Courtney and Steven McCarthy

Ken Mcclure 

Julie and Bill McDermott

Katie McGrath and JJ Abrams

Elisabeth and Robert McGregor

Dianne McKeever and Shreyas Gupta

Lowell Milken Foundation

Sarah and Jeremy Milken

Heather Monahan

Patricia and Michael Mordas

Melissa Morris and David Lincoln

Nitin and Anshu Motwani

Cori and Joseph Mullany

Neyeska Mut

Linda and Dennis Myers

Shantanu Narayen

Elin and Larry Neiterman

Ruth Nelson Family Foundation

Jon Neuhaus

The Next Generation of the Bradley Turner Foundation

Veronica Noren-Warren and Travis Warren

Meghan and Matthew Norton

Shawn O'Connor

James O'Donnell

Andrea Page 

Marsha and Alan Paller

Courtney Clark Pastrick and Scott Pastrick

Kristen and Paul Reeder

Winifred and Kevin P. Reilly, Jr. Fund

Rena and Steve Reiss

Dani Reiss

Lynda and Stewart Resnick

Alison and Richard Ressler

Ressler/Gertz Family Foundation

Courtney Reum

Jim Reynolds

Clare and Gerard Richer

Tom Ricketts

Beth and Michael Roberts

Mindy Rogers

Judd Rosen

Gwenn and David Rosener

E. John Rosenwald

Rohini and Ravinder Sakhuja

Jorge and Maybel Salgueiro

Florence and Alan Salisbury

Nancy Schlichting and Pam Theisen

Anne and James Schoff

Lesa Scott and Philip Jackson

Molly K. Shannon

Sylvia and Howard Shore

Shannon and Vincent Signorello

Paul and Marte Singerman

Andy Sinha

Christine Olsen and Robert Small

Nora and Jeffrey Smith

The Sogg Foundation

Martha and Gary Solomon

Beth and Tom Sorbo

Winnie and Fred Spar

Stephanie and Brian Spector

Octavia Spencer

Kerri St. Jean

Dale Stafford

Kerri Strike

Kerry and Brendan Swords

Joyce and Steve Tadler

Sandra and Robert Taylor

Julie and Michael Teel

Jeff Teper

Carol and Lee Tesconi

Robert Thomas

Rosemarie and Westley Thompson

Cathy Tsai and Jason Young

Teresa Van De Bogart

Shoshana and Kevin Vernick

Theresa and Robert Wadsworth

Gail Warden

Susan and Matthew Weatherbie

Dorothy and Edward Wehmer

Louise and David Weinberg

Brook and Kevin Westcott

The Westra Family

John Whalen

Tona and Robert White

Jody and Matt Wilhelm

Karie Willyerd

Carol Wise

Mariann and Andy Youniss

Rabia Zafar and Mohammed Anjarwala

Manuel and Marlene de Zagarra

The Maxine and Jack Zarrow Foundation

*The following City Year sites were not part of the Red Jacket Society program in FY16: Columbia, Columbus, Kansas City, Little Rock, Milwaukee, and Sacramento.