Kirk is from Long Island, New York and a graduate of George Washington University. (He’s spent more time than he’d like to admit at the Foggy Bottom Grocery store – or FoBoGro – which was co-founded and is co-owned by Red Jacket Society member Chris Kiple.) A psychology and nonprofit management major, Kirk was recently accepted to Teach For America, another AmeriCorps program, and will have a classroom of his own next year. Kirk admits that before City Year he was used to doing things his way or no way at all. “I used to sell people short, “ he says, but his experience this year at Kelly Miller has changed that.  “Living a particular lifestyle is becoming less and less important to me,” he says, reflecting on his year. “You start realize what you took for granted before and it makes you appreciate it so much more.”  

No matter how many struggles you encounter, you have those moments, when it clicks and it’s all worth it. “Mr. Wilson, thanks for taking me outside and talking with me just now,” or “Mr. Wilson can I come a do my work in the City Year room?” or “can you give me some extra reading to work on?” At those times, it’s like wow. That’s actually really powerful.